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Rent To Buy

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Rent to buy is the method for you to buy your first or next home without the use of a traditional mortgage, if you’re not currently eligible for one.

- Recently opened your own business? 

- Always chasing the 10% deposit for your dream home, because house prices keep rising?
- Got bad credit but you really want or NEED to buy your own home?

- Recently moved to the UK and can't get a mortgage yet?

Rent to buy could be for you!

Rent to buy allows you move in and rent your new home before you buy it.

You pay an option fee to secure the property, then market rent, plus a fixed monthly top up over the agreed period until you qualify to get a traditional mortgage.

Benefits to you:

The property price you pay stays the same as agreed when the term started, if it goes up in value, you’ve got free equity! 

If you add value to the property, you still pay the agreed price, so you get free equity!

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